Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil

Because of back problems, Unai Emery needs one more season to receive training separately. It’s a doubt for the football game with Huddersfield. In the mean time, diagnosis for Rob Holding’s knee injury reveals the ad condition of his health. Since having dropped out of football games one month before, Ozil received long-term treatment for his recurrence of back spasms. Whether he could participate in the fixture on Sunday, it depends on whether he could accept team training session on Friday.

He is working with the physician and trying to come back as soon as possible. We will assess the specific condition before the fixture on Sunday. In the morning, he runs in football pitches and touches football under direction of a physician. They will make a decision tomorrow.

Emery argues that he concerns Holding would be ruled out of fixtures for a long time, because the youth was carried out on a stretcher in a competition with Manchester United. Sources imply that Holding suffered a cruciate knee injury, which tortures him through the whole season. In the latest news conference, Emery said it would be decided in a short time. All teammates are waiting his coming back.

The director of the team said, “The only thing they could do is being calm down and waiting for news. Doctors will inform us if there is good news. Aaron Ramsey is also suffered an ankle injury at Old Trafford, but his injury is smaller than Rob’s.

Arsenal outdo their most to keep and even extend a 20-game unbeaten run. Emery warned his youngsters to resist a let down after two fixtures against Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United. After receiving goods results, we feel good and need to go further towards a victory. All supports are excited and showed as if they are combating against Tottenham Hotspur. Yesterday’s draw will be a good news if we have won the competition.

Top three football teams remain unchanged this week while the conditions seem down below. Liverpool regained their position to the top 10. Eric Bailly repost a sentence after a game confronting Manchester Untied with Arsenal — “Never, ever, give up”. At first, Manchester United didn’t yield to and lifted their position from the low position. Secondly, a football play of Ivory flexed his muscles to the whole world that it is possible for him to grow into the best footballer in a critical Premiere League match.

It was the second time for Bailly donning football kits to play a league fixture after shambles in Brighton, where he was given a penalty for fouling Pascal Gross. In 12 fixtures, he only emerged for 21 minutes. Since then, we didn’t see the youth in any fixture. So some speculate that he get on his boss’s nerves. What’s the reason for this results? At first, Mourinho ask all his footballers to trust his footballers. To a certain extent, football player also need to trust their bosses.

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