Evolution of Chelsea Football Kits

Over the years, Chelsea nurtures a huge number of football fans, growing into a long standing football team in England. Viewing joining of Hazard, Terry and Lampard, football fans find more reasons to support the English club. As a football club around London, there are many rivals of the football club. They always could stand out with preeminent performances and proud accolades.

Following analysis and comparisons are benefit to looking at historic designs of all Chelsea football kits. One could know more reasons and understand why the special color scheme of home strips could become symbols and highlights today.

Design Connotation of Chelsea Home Shirt

Many may curious about how the blue and black color scheme took hearts of football fans following Chelsea. Since the establishment of Chelsea, all footballers usually donned blue jerseys as their home football kits. But those football jerseys are printed in a lighter blue tone. They often matched with white shorts and socks in blue or black. The inspiration was derived from clothes donning by then president when he watching football games. Nonetheless, other designs integrating different colors could not be accepted and understood by most football fans.

For the purpose of producing more chic, sleek and cohesive jerseys, designers adapt a blue in darker and richer tone. Such adjustments created an excellent look with socks. After donning such kits for a long time, they determined to adjust kits slightly, and that was also adjustments the last time. The color of shorts were determined by that of shirts to forming more harmonious look. In this way, color flow turned nicely on the basis of optimized color scheme. In addition, white details on shorts and shirts are suitable to each other.

Besides, away and third football kits also witnessed adjustments over the years. Usually, away shirts feature yellow or white base colors, combining some blue details. Nonetheless, manufactures attempt to step out of comfort zone to create alternative strips. Such changes could seen on clothes of different kits season by season, which aim at comparing and testing different effects of them. After a series of attempts, manufactures could control stylist of sportswear.

According to previous experience, we remarked four popular and significant jerseys in 1975/77, 1995/97, 2009/10, 2012/13 season  respectively. Certainly, some will be hit and some will be missed by football fans. Some manufactures believe they should change shirts, adding more interests to them. In general, every significant shirt features special meaning, such as a successful match or winning.

Manufactures produced home shirts in 1975/77 season in simple white collar with the prominent blue base color. Because of hidden meaning of the club, home football shirts in this season are popular among many football fans. The football club was promoted to Premiere Leagues under the lead of then captain Ray Williams. For a connection with a big success, Chelsea football kits became significant for the end of 26-year-long trophy drought history. And home kits in 2012/13 also won support from football fans for non-red details.

Chelsea 3-2 Southampton

A game of the Premier League’s 34th round between Chelsea and Southampton took place on April 14 2018.

Chelsea only lost 2 games against Southampton in recent 18 games. They won 11 games and managed five draws. Besides, the two sides have played 37 games in the Premier League and Chelsea have won 21 games.

The game on April 14 2018 is the 99th match between the two sides in history and Chelsea has won 42 games. In this game, Chelsea’s players Davide Zappacosta and Andreas Christensen played alternately.

Davide Zappacosta, born on 11 June 1992, is an Italian professional right back and he also plays for Italy national team.

Zappacosta made his debut for the Italy under-21 team on 5 September 2013 in a 2015 UEFA European Under-21 Championship qualifier match against Belgium, where he played as a starter in the right full-back position in all three games. He was also called up from Italy under-21 Serie B representative team in August 2013. In May 2016, Zappacosta started to play for the senior national team for the UEFA Euro 2016. On 31 May, he was named one of three reserves for the senior side for the competition. On 12 November 2016, he debuted in an international game against Liechtenstein for Italy national team.

Like other football players, Zappacosta has played for a few football clubs, too, including Atalanta, Avellino, Torino and Chelsea. On 31 August 2017, he transferred to Chelsea with a four-year contract and the transfer was completed quickly before the transfer window shut on deadline day. The first game he played for Chelsea was held on 9 September 2017 and the club won Leicester City. On 12 September 2017, his first goal made him become the 100th Italian player who scored a goal in the Champions League. In addition, he scored his first Premier League goal in a home game against Stoke City on 30 December 2017.

Born on 10 April 1996, Andreas Christensen returned to Chelsea in the 2017-18 season after a loan to a Bundesliga club. He played his first Premier League game on 20 August 2017 and won Tottenham Hotspur at Wembley Stadium with the team. On 9 January 2018, Chelsea announced officially that they had signed a four-and-half-year deal with Christensen.

The young player has got some individual awards, such as Danish Talent of the Year award in 2015 and Borussia Mönchengladbach Player of the Year in the 2015-16 season.

The final result of the game held on 14 April 2018 was that Chelsea won 3-2 against Southampton. At the beginning of the match, Chelsea played poorly, so Southampton scored two goals first. However, Olivier Giroud scored a goal in the 70th minute, then Eden Hazard also scored a goal. There was a draw between the two clubs. The most important goal was scored by Giroud. It was him who helped Chelsea won the game finally. What’s more, the three goals were scored in eight minutes.

According to statistics from OPTA, this situation that Chelsea scored three goals at the end of the game took place in August 2012. At that time, Chelsea also won 3-2 against Charlton