Could Sanzhez Go through the Test with Manchester United

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When integrated into the life of Manchester United, Alexis Sanchez is confronted with the number one test at new football club, especially in football matches against Tottenham Hotspur. The performances of Sanchez against rivals on Wednesday are within the expectations of most people. As Tottenham Hotspur is weakening the effects of Sanchez, the goal won by Sanchez in the Gunner’s 2-0 win over their rivals in November was the second one in seven games. The football team ranked at the second place in Premier League proved to be a competent football team under the direction of Mauricio Pochettino. Other top-class footballers are asked to display their talent as much as possible.

However, Manchester United has still kept the commanding position in the competition while the Gunners won the only game of six top-flight football matches during Sanchez’s football playing career at the Emirates Stadium. In retrospect to seven football matches in 2014-15, there are four wins, two losses and one draw, saving five goals in the whole season. So, many people are expected they could perform even better prior to the journey to Wembley.

Certainly, the football player Sanchez hopes he could cut a striking figure in short time. In addition, he is impossible to stay with the Manchester United for long time in spite of the expensive fees and wages. The improvements and advances with the club Manchester City bridge his gap with the rest six football matches, allowing himself to head for other football clubs. Jose Mourinho would like to receive return immediately as his football team fight against with Tottenham Hotspur.

Seeking for Supports from Old Friends

After the thrilling 4-3 win over Man City in Jan. 2018, Liverpool has insisted two weeks in fierce competition. The unbeaten records was halted suddenly for sub-par performance of the football club. In the condition, the exciting performances in fixtures will propel the Red Devil enter into the following football matches in the second half. On the contrary, the club has lost several football matches against the last two teams. The recent 3-2 defeat to West Brom in FA Cup hold back cut the road to the silverware.

The disappointing loss on Saturday caused that club Liverpool has to stop playing in the FA Cup in the fourth round once again, after two exits from FA Cup in the same link. The only chance for Klopp to recoup the losses at Anfield rests on Champions League glory. The manager Klopp needs to convince all people chasing after his team that the Liverpool will make steady progresses in the future on the basis of the tangible success.