It may be a bit hot

- Is that your new calculator!?
- It is more than a calculator!
- Can it divide by 0?
- No, what I mean is that it is a phone, a camera, a notebook, a netbook, and a coffe machine!
- I am amazed.
- When will you amaze me, I wonder!
- How much is 2618 * 11?
- Do you want fries with the answer?
- A café au lait will do.
- The answer is 28798. Careful, it may be a bit hot.
- Turn 2618 around to get 8162 and multiply it by 11. What do you get?
- 89782. But wait a minute, that is the first answer turned around. I am amazed!
- So am I.
- Are there more numbers like that? Why do they behave like that?
- How does your calculator make coffee? That is what I would like to know.

Problem source: Mattenøtter, Teknisk Ukeblad.

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