Stretching it

- Stop it once!
- I can’t stop it twice.
- I meant ‘at once.’
- What?
- Don’t play with that rubber band!
- I am not playing.
- It may be dangerous.
- It is.
- What is?
- Playing is.
- I thought you said you were not playing.
- I am trying to put myself in your shoes.
- Don’t change the subject. We were talking about rubber bands, not shoes.
- I am wondering.
- Stop it once. It is dangerous.
- If I stretch it, will there be points that won’t move?
- You are stretching it! Stop it once!

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  1. Michael Says:

    I used to experiment with this as a kid. Not understanding the mechanics that happen at every point along the rubber band, I can only say what I believe based on 20 year old experiments with ink dots on rubber bands.

    If I was able to pull with even pressure from both hands while my hands are equidistant (or approximately so) from a particular dot, that dot seemed to remain unchanged.

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